Partner Programs

In addition to offering grants, scholarships, and other financial support initiatives, PEP acts as a fiscal agent for programs that support our goal of educational success and progress. These organizations are doing incredible work within the district to ensure students are prepared to succeed in school and that they have access to the best possible educational opportunities.

PEP is an organizing partner with these programs, offering 501C3 status and fiscal support. These partner organizations support our mission to be the cornerstone for a long-term partnership among community, business, and school organizations to provide ongoing supplemental financial resources for the public schools it serves.

PEP Organizations

Supplies for Success

This organization collects donations to purchase school supplies and winter outerwear annually for children in need in Districts 41 and 89.

District 41 for Kids Foundation

This foundation brings life-enriching educational programs and opportunities to the local community.
Learn more about the D41 Kids Foundation at

D89 Kids Foundation

This foundation is coming soon, officially launching in 2020.