Memorials & Honorariums

PEP is honored to be the recipient of donations in memory or honor of former students, teachers, administrators, and community friends of education. (As Memorials and Honorariums, these scholarships are given annually without the same fiscal restrictions as Designated Funds.)

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Clyde W. Dewalt Memorial Science Scholarship

The Clyde W. Dewalt Memorial Science Scholarship honors Clyde W. Dewalt, a former science teacher at Glenbard West High School. The Dewalt family established this scholarship fund to create a lasting legacy for Clyde and to also recognize and acknowledge the community of Glen Ellyn. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a Glenbard West senior pursuing a degree in a science related field. The recipient will be recognized based upon financial need, observed interest in science, and their motivation to be successful in science.

John Beisner Social Studies Scholarship

The John Beisner Scholarship fund will award a scholarship to a graduating senior at Glenbard West high for social studies.

Paul E. Hadley Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Paul E. Hadley, "Student Leaders Who Unite" Scholarship: Paul Hadley served as a dedicated principal of Glenbard East High School from 1980 - 1995. During his tenure, one particular passion he had was fostering student leaders who were committed to creating unity amongst peers from different backgrounds. He actively celebrated the mulitcultural nature of the student body and was the first to display flags in the cafeteria representing all the students' countries of ancestral origin. This scholarship will be awarded to graduating Glenbard East students who have demonstrated leadership in building connections between students of varying racial, ethnic or socio-economic lines. Scholarship will be applied to costs associated with attending college at a 2 or 4-year institution.

Peter A. Jeske Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Peter A. Jeske Memorial Scholarship fund honors the life of Peter Jeske, a 2017 graduate of Glenbard South High School. At Glenbard South, Peter was an honor student, a captain on the football team and starter on the basketball team, and a great friend to all of his classmates. After graduating from Glenbard South, Peter attended the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Peter passed away unexpectedly in the spring of 2021. The Jeske family established this scholarship fund to create a lasting legacy for Peter and a scholarship will be awarded annually to a worthy senior from Glenbard South to aid in college tuition costs.

The Frances Schuck Scholarship

The Frances Schuck Memorial Scholarship fund was established in memory of Frances Schuck who was a District 87 employee that lost her battle with Leukemia. In her honor, the Frances Schuck Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior from Glenbard East who has shown courage in the face of an illness or dealing with an illness of a family member or loved one. Donate now.

Michael Pihos Memorial Scholarship

This Scholarship Fund honors the legacy of Michael William Pihos. A 1998 Glenbard South graduate, Michael was an accomplished scholar who played numerous sports (including hockey) and participated widely in all facets of school life, notably leadership. He especially enjoyed serving as editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. Michael loved music and was a skilled rock and jazz guitarist. He loved the earth, saw beauty in nature, and was always conscious of the world around him. Most importantly, Michael was a compassionate friend to all -- he made authentic human connections everywhere he went, he valued all people and sought to learn from those different from him. Serving others was simply the essence of who he was. This scholarship seeks to assist a Glenbard South senior who embodies Michael’s legacy of academic commitment, leadership, compassion, and service. The scholarship will be applied to supplement college tuition costs.

Henry J. Firley Writing Award Scholarship

The Firley Writing Award was created to recognize originality and excellence in writing.  The award is given to a senior elected by the Glenbard West English department at the end of each year.  Henry Firley was a teacher and the first chairman of the English department at Glenbard West, serving the school for thirty-four years. He retired in 1965 and died in 1973. Upon his death, Mrs. Firley donated an initial sum of money to create this award for Glenbard West students in his honor. It is our hope to continue that legacy, celebrating and financially supporting future generations of writers.

The Richard J. Cima Memorial Scholarship

Richard James Cima (Dick) was a long time English Department Chair and teacher at Glenbard East High School who died in 2012. In his honor, the Richard Cima Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior from Glenbard East who has shown a commitment to scholarship, something that came naturally to Mr. Cima.

The Michael Sinning Scholarship

The Michael Sinning Memorial Scholarship fund was established to provide a scholarship to a senior at Glenbard East High School. This scholarship is awarded to a student to aid in college tuition costs.