Designated Funds

PEP is honored to be the recipient of donations in memory or honor of former students, teachers, administrators, and community friends of education. (As designated funds, these scholarships maintain an original principle amount and are distributed annually in an amount based on the market value.)

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The Lija Angela Yu Yin Hyssong Memorial Scholarship was established by Lija’s family in 2014 as a way to remember Lija in the best light and memory of who she was, by giving financial support to students at Glenbard East who will be heading to college after graduating from high school. The financial support will go towards college tuition and books, for either a 2 or 4-year school. Donate now.

The Rachel Bach Memorial Scholarship

Rachel Bach was an 18 year old graduate of Glenbard East High School class of 1996 who died the summer before she was to begin college. The family of Rachel Bach, along with many of her friends and admirers, created The Rachel Bach Memorial Scholarship as a lasting tribute in her honor. Glenbard East holds an annual Basketball Tournament in memory of Rachel Bach. The proceeds from this tournament are awarded to one graduating senior girl each year who has been selected in Rachel’s honor to receive a monetary award to be used toward college expenses.

The Ray Novak, M.D. Scholarship Award

Ray Novak is a graduate of Glenbard East High School who each year presents The Ray Novak, M.D. Award to a senior who has demonstrated consistent skill, expertise, and vigorous self-motivation in both the athletic and academic arenas throughout the Glenbard East years. The award is given annually, as part of the Glenbard East High School Senior Awards.

The Larry David Schertz Memorial Scholarship

Larry Shertz, a neuroradiologist who graduated valedictorian from Glenbard East High School in 1977, passed away in 1998. Larry’s parents, David and Doris Schertz, created the Larry David Schertz Memorial Scholarship to be awarded each spring for a deserving senior of Glenbard East High School to attend college.

The Robert C. Stevens Scholarship

The Robert C. Stevens Scholarships were established by the Stevens family in memory of Bob Stevens, former superintendent of District 87. Bob Stevens was a beloved and gifted individual whose success in life demonstrated the importance of sustained determination in the face of adversity. Each year, four graduating seniors, one from each of the Glenbard high schools, receive Robert C. Stevens Scholarships in recognition of their determination in the face of adversity.